Is Kejriwal facilitating conversion to Christianity? Kapil Mishra will held protest if event not cancelled

Written by Gyanendra Giri

Controversial Pastor PS Ram Babu is organizing an event to promote Supernatural Powers & Miracles on 25th of August in Talkatora Stadium, Delhi deputy CM and AAP Leader Manish Sisodiya is chief guest of the event.

According to Pastor PS Ram Babu website and as tweeted by Kapil Mishra, He converts 10 Lakh Hindus, Sikhs to christianity every year. Kapil Mishra asked why Manish Sisodiya is attending an event which claimed to poses superstitions like Supernatural powers and miracles. Is Kejriwal want to convert Hindus to Christianity? asked Mishra.

In an another tweet Kapil Mishra questioned Kejriwal Govt, How an event can be held in Delhi which promote superstitions and facilitate conversions? He said, he has complained both Delhi Police and NDMC about this illegal, anti-religious event. If the permission for this event is not canceled, then on 25th August  he will sit on “Silent fast” outside the Talkatora Stadium, warned Mishra.

Nationalist and Advocate Prashant Patel will also join the protest.  He twitted  that the conversion of Hindus in Delhi is being played in the government protection at the behest of the Vatican by Arvind Kejriwal.

Controversial Pastor PS Ram Babu was booked in Feb this year by Manickpur police station, Vasai for spreading superstition, as reported by DNA News Portal. He claims to cure a person’s illness by whispering prayers into the ears during the event.

In 2017 too this controversial Pastor PS Ram Babu event in Bangluru was cancelled on the report of a VHP leader that two American evangelists were going to participate in the event in violation of visa conditions. VHP activist Girish Bharadwaj alleged that this event was held for religious conversion activities as reported in India Express at that time.

The question is, Why Kejriwal govt is promoting and attending such religious conversion and superstition events?
Are they can go to any extent to get some votes?

These questions remain to be answered.

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